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This is a major decision. You should try to build a package based on what you enjoy doing and any subjects which are vital to your future career. The standard package for those who have five or more A* to C at GCSE is four AS subjects, dropping to three A2 subjects. However, it is possible to start with, three or five AS subjects although in both cases we would advise thinking very carefully about the reasons for doing so and the likely long-term consequences. It is possible to take up a new AS level in Year 13 although this would depend on the timetable in that particular year.

If you do not have five A* to C or GCSEs we recommend the BTEC courses. It can be possible to take one AS in combination with a BTEC.

We expect students who do not have a C in English, Maths or IT to follow the relevant G.C.S.E. course, or Adult Literacy/Numeracy course. Lack of these qualifications is a serious problem for your future.

Can I change my mind?

Yes, but think carefully. It is possible to change subjects early in the course if the new subject fits the timetable. This can be done in consultation with the relevant subject staff and your tutor and Head of Year.

It is also possible to reduce the number of subjects from four to three. Although this is superficially appealing it is not usually a good idea and will only be allowed in very rare circumstances. Evidence shows that this choice does not always work well. You must take advice from your tutor and Head of Year as well as subject staff. 

I have a specific career or university course in mind, what do I need?

It is your responsibility to check that you are taking the right A levels for your subject.