The Willink School

The Willink School

Expectations & Behaviour

Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome to the Sixth Form at the Willink School. Sixth Form education is different from the education in years 7 to 11.  We want to help students make the transition successfully.  For that reason I want to explain to you some of the policies and expectations.

The Willink School Sixth Form Dress Code

We recognise that Sixth Form students are seen as role models to younger students in school and as such, have a responsibility to model behaviour and expectation. Although we want Sixth Form students to feel comfortable and to be able to express a degree of individuality during the school day, we also want to promote a professional working environment, as well as a positive image to the wider community. Click here for the Sixth form dress code

Independent Study and Part-time work

Sixth Form study is a full time course.  Students are taught for approximately 18 hours a week.  On top of this they are expected to spend about 20 hours in independent study or 5 hours per subject, including supervised study, private study in school and home study. This means that on school work alone students are completing a full working week.  We recognise the value of part-time paid work and indeed would encourage students to broaden their experiences in this way.  However, research shows that more than 8 hours a week has a detrimental effect on grades achieved.  The school therefore will not give a reference for work that involves more than 8 hours per week.

We expect students to: 

  • Attend registrations
  • Attend all lessons
  • Complete a green form and bring supporting written evidence for planned absences
  • Negotiate known absences with subject staff in advance
  • Account for all absences in writing (by parents if the student is under 18)
  • Phone the school first thing in the morning in case of sickness or other unplanned absence
  • Not to take any holiday during school term 

Whilst we accept that some appointments cannot be changed we hope that planned absences can be kept to a minimum.  Attendance at lessons is the securest foundation for good examination results.  The school will not pay examination fees where attendance falls below 90%

Private Study

Non-taught time is study time.  Students need to use their time either in set assignments or in developing their skills and knowledge through further study.  After Review Day, students will usually be given the opportunity to study at home for 4 lessons.  (There are conditions to this and a further letter explaining this will be sent to you nearer the time).  We therefore expect students to be working in the Study area of the Common Room, in the Library, or in subject areas, when not being taught.  Each student will allocate a subject to each study period.

General expectations

We are proud of our Sixth Form at the Willink School.  Sixth Formers have given the school considerable support in the past and we expect this to continue.  Sixth Formers should set a high standard in politeness and in their commitment to school activities. Click here for the Sixth Form Code of Conduct.

If you have further questions please contact me at school.  We see this as an important time for parents and students together to understand how Sixth Form life differs from that of previous years and would encourage you to attend with your son/daughter.

Mr M Leach

Head of Sixth Form