(Content and language integrated learning)

As part of the international ethos of the school, the Willink curriculum is designed to offer students an opportunity to take part in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) lessons. This innovative teaching style combines both a content subject, for example, History with a language, for example, French. CLIL Lessons are planned with a content objective, as they would if the lesson was being taught in English, but the language of communication in the classroom is the foreign language The Willink School has carried out several projects with this teaching approach which have been highly successful. Past projects include; History in French for Y7, PE in German for Y8, Science in German and French for Y9, Geography in French for Y10. Students have also studied Music in French or Food Technology in French for a full year as part of their Year 8 curriculum allocation. Research for the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Languages (Language Hubs) states that CLIL provides the students with many benefits including: increased motivation, increased challenge, progress in thinking skills, development of communication strategies and confidence in language manipulation. Due to changes in staffing the programme was suspended for 2018-19 but in September 2019 there will be a CLIL project in Design Technology with French

January 2019