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The Willink School

The Willink School

Charitable Trust

Over the past year, the senior staff and governors have been looking at ways to provide additional financial support to the school with particular emphasis on large capital projects.

In 2015, the Willink School established the Willink School Charitable Trust with the aim of raising funds to provide additional financial support to the school. We are concentrating on Large Capital projects.

Over recent years the amount that the school is given for capital development has been cut by 80% and now means that we can only carry out the most urgent repairs. Although the Willink is a West Berkshire school, the Local Authority is also facing financial challenges and so it was decided that we needed to be proactive ourselves.

The Willink Charitable Trust is registered with the Charities Commission. The “Object of the Trust” is “The advancement of Education for the Public benefit with particular emphasis on the Willink School (Burghfield Common) and its local community”.

The Trustees are:

Mrs Alison Keravan, Governor                   

Helen Newman, Governor     

Mr Peter Fry, Headteacher                                         

Mrs Jane Carpenter, School Business Manager 

We are very grateful to the Willink PTA for the support they provide to the School and the Trust will work alongside the PTA to enrich our students’ school experience. 

We have already identified 2 major projects for the Trust to support in the next 2 years:

  • Phased Refurbishment of the Design Technology Area
    New equipment and systems are required to support the current and forthcoming curriculum in this Department.
  • Phased Refurbishment of the Business Block to create a new “Information and Media Block”

The development of the new Computing course and the expansion of the Media related courses necessitate better, more modern and course specific equipment and layout.

The Trustees will be approaching local businesses and other organisations for financial and practical support. We will also apply for grants and other funding sources and “Charitable Status” will give us access to many sources that we had previously been unable to approach.

As well as larger donors we would like to invite parents and carers, past pupils, members of the local community and other interested parties to support the School and the Trust in a number of ways, both financial and practical.

If you would like to make a donation to the Trust or have any questions or suggestions that you would like to share with the Trustees please contact us via Mrs Jane Carpenter, Trustee and School Business Manager on 0118 983 2030 or

You can also down load a standing order/donation form and gift aid declaration here.

We are very optimistic about The Willink School Charitable Trust, and look forward to enhancing and enriching our student and staff experience at the Willink School.